Write Up for Steggles Chickens, Construction Siteworks and Thiess Construction Valleys U-18’ V Wattles 28/4

The Steggles Chickens, Construction Siteworks and Thiess Construction Valleys U-18’s headed to Clifton to take on Wattles on Sunday in some very warm weather. We started well scoring a couple early but it was disappointing to see Wattles score straight away when they finally got their first touch of the ball. As a group, we have been working hard learning a lot of new techniques and trying to get our contact up to a standard that we need to be at. We went to half time at 30 – 6 which was great to see us not conceded any more points that half. The 2nd half had its good and bad spots, we kicked on and scored more points but the attitude in defence dropped and we conceded far too many tries especially in the last 10 minutes when we should of put them to bed. Playing for the whole 70 mins is the biggest problem we have had all year and something we will continue to work at. Looking at it though, I was very happy to see the boys have a big win. The end score was 56 – 36 with Dylan Haajiar scoring 3 tries and Locky McCaul getting a double. It was also great to see the captain, Jason Sharpe back from representative and A-Grade duties. He was one of our best along with the ever reliable Josh Glass and Hnaloan Budden. Big efforts came across the park and 2 that stood out the most were the tireless defence from Cameron Matherson and the big game by Jake Martin. Hopefully we can continue on, set new goals and take our enthusiasm through to next week.