Rnd 1 Write up and Rnd 2 Team Sunday 17/3 V Brothers at Brothers A Grade

Round 2Valleys v Brothers –17th March, 2013

Clive Berghofer Land Sales, Fabtech Liners & Covers and Federal Hotel Valleys A-Grade v Brothers at Glenholme Park, 17th March, 2013

The Clive Berghofer Land Sales, Fabtech Liners & Covers and Federal Hotel Valleys A-Grade side got their season off to a positive start with a hard fought win against Dalby. On a night where both teams preparations were hampered by an electrical problem with the ground lighting which saw a late kick off, the players of both teams need to be congratulated for a high quality game in greasy conditions. Our defensive performance in the first half was the most positive and aggressive display I’ve seen in my time at Valleys. In particular Sam Capewell and Cam McKellar were sensational in defence and some of the hits they pulled off throughout the game were fantastic to watch. Ryan Stevens excelled at halfback and showed his class early with a great solo try and Blake Edwards played a tough and experienced game in the back row, showing early that he is going to have a big year. But for many there on the night the standout performance was from big Inoke Rokotolu. Inoke continued his amazing progression after a great year last year and capped the night with what ended up being the deciding try. Last word needs to go to Huey Sedger who debuted in A grade on the wing and played a strong game with plenty of involvement and quality touches. It’s always great to see a product of your club progress to A-Grade and play well so congratulations Huey and let’s hope his example pushes our other talented youngsters harder. In all there were plenty of positives for a first performance from a new group but also just as many things to improve. Most importantly there is a great buzz around the senior squad which is going to make this season enjoyable for all.

Valleys A-Grade

1.   Josh Waters

2.   Hugh Sedger

3.   Matt Hawkins

4.   Hayden McNichol

5.   Vaea La’akula

6.   Daryn Schwerin

7.   Ryan Stevens

13.   Luke Smith

12.   Blake Edwards

11.   Cameron McKellar

10.   Inoke Rokotolu

9.   Andrew Farrell

8.   Sam Capewell


14.   Jake Capewell

15.   Maui Poe

16.   Tyrone Jowett




25.    Simon Mapapalangi


Coach: Dean Bosnich

Trainer: Aaron Smith

F.A.O.: Brod Guymer

Leaguesafe: Gus McKellar