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McKellar to square off against ex-team mate Murphy

JUSTIN McKellar played alongside Nathan Murphy as Valleys built a record run of TRL premierships.

But on Sunday the two will face off for the first time in the senior ranks.

McKellar, the architect of Valleys’ streak of six titles, has come out of retirement for a second time to help the Roosters.

Valleys now host Souths tomorrow at Herb Steinohrt Oval in what will be a big game for both teams as well as McKellar.

This will be the third game of McKellar’s comeback and he is likely to go head-to-head with opposing five-eighth Murphy.

“In the juniors we might have played against each other once or twice but not in our senior careers,” McKellar said.

“We used to have a pretty good understanding of what each other was thinking on the field, but now we’ve got to try and do it from the other side and stop it. It’s a pretty big task on Sunday.”

Valleys lost a few of their more experienced players in the off-season, so much as he did in 2011 when McKellar came back, the veteran has returned to help guide the younger players coming through.

“I thought it was a good opportunity too with a lot of the senior players gone from the club,” he said.

“I just thought I’d help the club out in its time of need with a lot of young fellas.

“We’ve got another good, young half there, Ryan Stevens. Over the next month or so we’ll be looking to try and build a good combination with him so we can get the direction on the field right.”

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