A note to all players from our Head Coach.

Firstly, Brett OFarrell will be doing 4 sessions in the lead up to the season starting. These will be high intensity contact sessions and a must for all players to attend. The sessions will be on Thursdays: 13, 20 & 27 of Feb and the last on Thurs 6th march. All junior coaches are also invited to watch and learn tips from an expert in contact skills. We also congratulate Brett on the arrival of his first daughter Poppy recently.
Secondly I have organised Michelle Glassbrook, who is my naturopath and absolutly brilliant with her understanding of diet and supplements, to do a talk to all our senior players on Tue Feb 25th at the club. This is a must for all players. Michelle is a Proffessor of Botany from South Africa and has worked there, in New Zealand and now Australia. She has branched off into naturopathy and uses her knowledge of plant and natural supplements to provide diet and lifestyle advice in order to improve well being, energy and stamina. Her advice will be priceless for our players to get the best out of their body for the upcoming season and the rest of their lives. All players must attend during training time and it would be very beneficial for our junior coaches to attend as well in order to better understand diet, the effects of different foods on the body and the benefits of natural supplements. Her knowledge and advice is life changing if followed conisistantly, she certainly has changed my health and well being better than anyone i was ever associated with in my professional playing days.
Thanks, Dean
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