Steggles Charity Nest

Team Photo“On our 2016 Charity day a big day of Rugby League was had at Herb Steinohrt Oval last Sunday. What made it an even better day was that we managed three wins from three games in our fixture matches against Highfields and more importantly our first grade side continued its winning form. The reception from our supporters was exceptional towards our charity of the day, the Children’s Hospital Foundation. Donations were made throughout the day and our sports auction of items and the team’s playing jumpers saw a healthy $4000 raised. An excellent achievement from our club and a real show of support for Steggles and the Charity Nest.  It is always a challenge for a country sports community organisation to hold such an event but with the support from club volunteers and the opposing club it becomes easier and we are rewarded accordingly. The Charity Nest has now raised over 2 million dollars for children’s Charities and our club would be delighted to be given the opportunity to participate in this great initiative again next year. A special thank you to all involved in this great initiative. I would also like to thank and acknowledge the support given to us by Christine Spiteri from Steggles and from the Sydney Roosters. Thank you Steggles for this great opportunity to contribute”.

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